Benefits Of What We Do

Fern Hill Land Clearing, LLC utilizes equipment solely dedicated not only for clearing land, but also returning the organic material directly back to the soil.  With a forestry mulcher, attached to a low-impact skid steer, Fern Hill Land Clearing can access and complete the job without disturbing the ecological balance of the soil.  In fact, the mulching capabilities of the machine will greatly enhance the organic conditions to promote the natural balance.  With a forestry mulcher, there is no need to simply scrape the ground clean of topsoil to achieve customers’ objectives.  There is no need to expend many hours of machine and manpower to create burn piles just to spend more money to pay a worker to oversee and manage controlled burns.  The forestry mulcher has greater maneuverability to perform dense pre-commercial thinning where large excavation machines cannot reach.  Whether it is a large forestry management/logging support job, public utilities’ line maintenance, or private land owners’ vegetation removal, forestry mulching is the most environmentally and ecologically sound approach.  It is a one-step solution to land clearing and vegetation control.  After mulching debris and logging slash, all that is left is a layer of organic material, which will promote healthy vegetative growth and prevent any soil erosion.