About Us

Traditionally, land and vegetation clearing has been done with a variety of heavy equipment such as excavators, dozers, and rotary-type mastication equipment.  However, very little forestry mulching has been utilized in this region of the country.

Why Us?

Fern Hill Land Clearing, LLC is led by a diverse team of professionals.  Eric Schmunk, with his heavy equipment expertise, will oversee all day to day operations.  Eric also brings his exceptional sales experience. In addition, Eric has developed positive relationships with professionals in the logging industry and local community.  As General Manager, Brian Lund will direct all administrative and operational support functions.  Brian will manage customer contracts and financial accounting as well.  Brian provides the general business knowledge and leadership to facilitate the continued success and growth of Fern Hill Land Clearing.  Together, Brian and Eric possess the diverse expertise to develop, promote, and deliver the specialized services to the targeted market segments.